Values & Operating Philosophy

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Values and operating philosophies together form the belief system of the organization, driving all actions and decisions. Parkland College has committed to:

Value Description

honouring, encouraging and celebrating our diverse learners, staff and communities.

fostering and supporting an environment where empathy is both integral and expressed.

adhering to high ethical and professional standards.
Quality of Education:

adopting evidence-based best practices in program development, implementation and evaluation.

aligning programs and services with the priorities of the learners, communities and industries we serve.

constantly finding new ways to provide opportunities for adults facing barriers to either higher education or employment.

ensuring that all available resources are dedicated to achievement of desired outcomes and results.
Life-Long Learning:

providing learning enrichment and skill upgrading opportunities to keep our stakeholders current and competitive.

developing strategic alliances and leveraging capacity with the agencies, communities and industries that share our visionary outcomes.

creating a culture of constant improvement, empowering staff to find better ways to deliver Parkland College’s promise and potential.

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HR Generalist
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Last Updated: January 8, 2019