Key Competencies

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Competencies are defined as behaviours of individuals. Here are some key competencies of our Parkland College staff:

Key Competency Description

Conveys ideas, information, and/or instructions clearly and concisely both orally and in writing, participates in meetings effectively, proficient and confident in making formal presentations, listens effectively, and keeps others appropriately informed.
Job Knowledge

Demonstrates appropriate specialized knowledge required to instruct, has knowledge of adult learning theories and methodologies and applies knowledge to the students’ benefit, keeps current with new development or trends, and shares knowledge with students.
Setting Objectives / Evaluations

Demonstrates objective setting appropriate to student ability and program requirements.  Evaluates consistently with requirements of program and college appropriately.

Demonstrates effective use of time and meets deadlines, punctual and reliable, takes initiative and / or provides acceptable volume of work.
Teaching Methods / Strategy

Demonstrates use of a variety of teaching methods and resources to provide effective instruction.
Motivational Strategy

Demonstrates recognition of student interest, is imaginative and stimulating in developing materials and activities in classroom.
Lesson Planning

Demonstrates direction and handles classroom routine in a manner that reinforces positive behaviour.
Classroom Management

Demonstrates the ability to use technology and willingness to incorporate into classroom, has innovative uses for technology, and is willing to learn and adapt.
Interpersonal Relations

Demonstrates the ability to relate effectively to peers, subordinates, and supervisors, and inspire trust and confidence in relationships with others.

Demonstrates compliance to privacy and confidentiality policies and able to recognize confidential aspects of materials in regards to disclosure.

Demonstrates risk taking, introduces new process, ideas, method of doing something.
Judgement / Problem Solving

Demonstrates appropriate decision making within the parameters of the job duties. Demonstrates solutions and formulates alternatives, uses proper judgement.
Quality of Work

Demonstrates the calibre of work consistent with job duty expectations, completes work thoroughly and accurately with attention to detail.

Demonstrates and creates a direction, guides and motivates peers or subordinates, helps to create a working environment which fosters job satisfaction and high morale.
Entrepreneurship & Business Development

Demonstrates ability to adapt to changing circumstances, demonstrates personal responsibility for the performance necessary to achieve individual and/or team goals and objectives, researches information and opportunities, is decisive in decision making, and uses deliberate strategies to influence, persuade or inspire others.


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