100 Conflict of Interest
101 Board Governance Development
102 Board Succession Planning & Recruitment
103 Board Evaluation
104 Whistleblower
105 In Camera
106 Virtual Meetings
107 Email Voting
108 Technology
120 Reporting
121 Delegation of Authority
122 Tendering of Financial Services
123 Net Asset Utilization
124 Asset Capitalization
125 Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts
126 Procurement
127 Sustainability
128 Enterprise Risk Management
140 International Education & Development Projects
141 Innovation Entrepreneurship Applied Research

General Operational

001 Policy Guidelines
OPR A-07 Acceptable Use of Computer Technology
OPR A-08 Drivers License Verification
OPR A-08.2 Regular College Vehicle Users
OPR A-08.3 Central Vehicle Agency Vehicles
OPR A-09 Records Retention and Disposal
OPR A-13 Campus Space Allocation Management
OPR A-14 Use of Facilities and Grounds
OPR A-15 Use of Equipment and Resources
OPR A-16 Contractor Hiring Guidelines
OPR A-17 Flag Protocol

Academic Student Affairs

OPR C-01.1 Student Appeal Procedure
OPR C-01.2 Student Appeal Procedure
OPR C-02 Scholarships
OPR C-03 Student Evaluation
OPR C-04 Student Funds

Human Resources

OPR D-01 Executive Personnel
OPR D-01.1 Out-of-Scope Pay Grids
OPR D-02 Professional Development and In-service
OPR D-02.1 Professional Development and In-Service Request Form
OPR D-02.2 Professional Development and In-Service Reimbursement Fillable Form
OPR D-02.3 Professional Fees
OPR D-03 Travel and Sustenance
OPR D-03.2 Public Service Commission Rates
OPR D-03.5 Employees Working Abroad
OPR D-04 Leaves of Absence
OPR D-05 Leaves for Jury Duty or Court Subpoenas
OPR D-06 Employment Equity
OPR D-07 Personnel Recruitment and Selection
OPR D-08 Classification and Salary Scales – Out-of-Scope
OPR D-09 Guidelines for Awarding Concurrent Contracts
OPR D-10 Conflict of Interest
OPR D-11 Code of Ethics
OPR D-12 Whistleblower
OPR D-12.1 Whistleblower Form
OPR D-13 Public Relations
OPR D-14 Employee Personnel File
OPR D-15 Dress Code
OPR D-16 Staff Scholarship Participation Opportunities
OPR D-17 Pressing Necessity and Bereavement Leave
OPR D-18 Staff Recognition
OPR D-19 Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
OPR 20.0 Anti-Harassment
OPR D-20.1 Informal Process Form
OPR D-20.2 Formal Harassment Complaint
OPR D-21 Performance Management
OPR D-23 Home Based Work Arrangement
OPR D-23.1 Home Based Work Agreement Form
OPR D-24 Occupational Health & Safety
OPR D-24.1 OH&S Terms of Reference
OPR D-24.2 OH&S Working Alone
OPR D-25 Anti-Violence
OPR D-27 Mobile Device Usage
OPR D-28 Fair Dealing
OPR D-29 Incident and Injury Reporting
OPR D-29.1 Incident and Injury Notification Form
OPR D-30 Performance Improvement Plans
OPR D-30.1 Performance Improvement Template
OPR D-31 Progressive Discipline
OPR D-32 Criminal Record Check
OPR D-32.1 Criminal Record Check Consent – Request
OPD D-33 Social Media
OPD D-33.1 Social Media Appendix
OPR D-34 Video Surveillance
OPR D-35 Sexual Violence
OPR D-36.0 Change of Name
OPR D-36.1 Change of Name Form
OPR D-37.0 Third Party Drug & Alcohol Workplace Policy
OPR D-38 Workplace Relationships
OPR D-39 Access to Information and Privacy
OPR D-40 Drug & Alcohol
OPR D-41 Violence Threat Risk Assessment

Finance and Administration

OPR A-01 Fiscal Management
OPR A-04 Corporate Credit Card Procedures
OPR A-05 Assets Acquisition and Disposal Procedures
OPR A-06 Bonded Employees and Officers
OPR A-10 Delegation of Authority
OPR A-10.1 Authorities Grid
OPR A-11 Student Health & Dental Reserve Guideline
OPR A-12 Accounts Receivable
OPR B-01 Tuition and Other Fees
OPR B-01.1 International Tuition, Fees, Refunds
OPR B-02 Domestic Refunds
OPR B-03 Program Cancelation Postponement
OPR B-05 Instructor Supervision and Evaluation
OPR B-06 Special Program Celebrations and Graduations
OPR B-07 Program Capacity Review
OPR B-08 Program Review – Late Enrollments
OPR B-09 Program Review
OPR B-10 Academic Program Planning
Last Updated: June 1, 2023