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Welcome to University at Parkland College!

Enrolling in university programming at Parkland College is a great way to transition from high school to post-secondary, whether you’re taking a your first year, a single class, or completing a full degree. We’re glad you’ve chosen to further your education close to home.

Resources to guide you as you pursue your university education:

COVID-19 requirements

  • Complete the COVID-19 micro-course (accessed when you complete the registration form)
  • Complete the Health Questionnaire (one time only; you only have to tell us when something changes)
  • All seating will be assigned for face-to-face classes. If you are absent, you must inform your instructor, regardless if the reason for your absence is COVID-19 related or not.
  • Do not come to the campus if you have illness symptoms (no matter how mild) or if you have been in close contact with someone who has symptoms.

Important Dates – Fall 2021

University of Regina University of Saskatchewan Date Significance
Aug. 30 Sept. 2 Start of term and classes
Sept. 6 Sept. 6 No classes (Labour Day)
Sept. 13 Sept. 16 End of 100% refund AND course-add
Sept. 23 End of 75% refund and “W” grade option
Sept. 27 Sept. 30 Tuition due; End of penalty-free payment period and 50% refund
Oct. 11 Oct. 11 No classes (Thanksgiving Day)
Nov. 8 – 12 Nov. 8 – 12 No classes (Midterm break)
Nov. 15 Dec. 6 End of “W” grade option
Dec. 9 Dec. 8 Start of examinations
Dec. 22 Dec. 23 End of term AND End of examinations

Important Dates – Winter 2022

University of Regina University of Saskatchewan Date Significance
Jan. 5 Jan. 5 Start of term and classes
Jan. 18 Jan. 18 End of 100% refund AND course-add
Jan. 24 End of 75% refund and “W” grade option
Feb. 1 Jan. 31 Tuition due; End of penalty-free payment period and 50% refund
Feb. 21 – 25 Feb. 21 – 25 No classes (Reading week)
Mar. 15 Apr. 5 End of “W” grade option
Apr. 14 Apr. 7 Start of examinations
Apr. 15 Apr. 15 No exams (Good Friday)
Apr. 29 Apr. 28 End of term AND End of examinations

Links to university schedules:

Fall 2021 Classes

Click here to download a PDF (200 KB) of these class lists.
Please note: Classes are subject to change.

Fall Class Delivery:
All classes will continue with remote delivery. However, both universities have agreed, in principle, that the off-campus sites can hold more in person meetings than classes at the main campuses in Saskatoon and Regina. We do not have confirmation about what this will look like at this time.

We hope to have more frequent face-to-face seminars and tutorials at our Yorkton location. We will continue to offer video conference of these events for all students who are unable to attend or are uncomfortable with being in the classroom with other students. The course syllabus, given to you by the instructor, will detail exactly how the class will be delivered. All face-to-face meetings will be subject to local conditions and the advice of the Public Health Office. When planning your course schedule, bear in mind that there could be face-to-face or video conference meetings at the scheduled times.

Please note: You are able to register in any classes for which you have the prerequisites at either university, but please consider registering in Parkland College designated classes. These classes tend to be much smaller in size and may have additional tutorials or seminars. The designated Parkland College classes are the only classes for which Parkland College receives revenue to maintain the classes here and provide additional supports such as advisors and tutorials.

Where to start with online classes

  • Start with the syllabus or course outline. This will give you all the information that you need for the class, the instructor’s contact information, the textbook, the weekly topics, the assignments, their due dates and their weighting, and how your work will be assessed.
  • Check out what you have to do in the first week, plan when you will do it – then do it!
  • Put all the assignment due dates in your calendar with reminders two weeks ahead and one week ahead. Don’t leave them to the last minute.
  • Enjoy learning new stuff!


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