New Location for Parkland College Industrial & Trades Administrative Offices & Training Centre

The Parkland College Industrial & Trades branch of the Skills Training Team will be kicking-off the school year in a new location. The office, which was located at Condessa Plaza, will be relocating across the street to 32 Smith Street West; the building formerly known as Bunsmaster and Yorkton Bakery.

The Smith Street location is an addition to the Yorkton Campus and helps to host the growing services provided by Parkland College. Primarily the new location houses the Industrial & Trades Administrative Offices and Training Centre. Staff located at the office include the Skill Training Manager, Skills Training Coordinators, Training Consultants, Transitions to Work Coordinator, Essential Skills Facilitator, and a Program Assistant. Along with the staff offices the new location has three classrooms that are primarily used for training employees of businesses in classes such as safety training, driver training, and industrial training.

The move into the new facility will take place Oct. 1st and the staff will continue to serve the public through the relocation. Parkland College welcomes drop-ins by anyone interested in checking out the new location.


A Parkland College Student’s International Experience

This summer Michelle Goulden, a Parkland College Social Work student, received the opportunity to supplement classroom learning with an international practicum experience.

In July 2008, Michelle was given the opportunity to travel to Nyeri, Kenya to participate in a partnership between Parkland College, The College of the Rockies, Kimathi University Institute College of Technology, and the Canadian International Development Agency for one month. “The goal of this partnership is to reduce poverty by increasing employment in the Nyeri district through development of entrepreneurial capacity in various sectors including sustainable tourism and by incorporating health promotion throughout the project”, explained Michelle. The project is consistent with the Millennium Development Goals and CIDA priorities of reducing poverty and integration of gender equality. All of the programs are driven by the Kenyan partners as they know their region and people and the project supports their initiatives.

While in Kenya, Michelle was assigned three main duties by the Kenyan partners. This included providing training opportunities to the university student ambassadors who have adopted a leadership role at Kimathi. She assisted them in carrying out community services in primary schools in the area as well as support for fellow university students. Secondly, Michelle was responsible for researching and providing a guide that would implement a student support and counselling centre on the university campus with the student ambassadors taking a lead role in developing this centre. She was also responsible for providing support, educational opportunities, and information for Muringato Primary School. During her time an educational and support group for girls in grades 6 to 8 was designed and implemented. This will continue to be supported by the student ambassador program.

Michelle was primarily working with the student ambassadors group from the university during her month in Kenya. This group consisted of approximately 20 students ages 18-24. They play a large role in supporting fellow students and working within their community to support projects that work to promote equality, education, and eliminate poverty. “Together they outlined several goals and we worked together to meet the needs of the group”, said Michelle. “I also worked very closely with the Muringato Primary School staff and students”.

This opportunity went towards a major practicum for a Social Work degree from the University of Regina explained Michelle. “It provided me with many opportunities to grow as a person and as a Social Work student and it prepared me for future endeavours in many ways.”

“The most memorable part of this practicum for me was being a part of the Nyeri community and learning from the people themselves. I will carry the friends I made and the things I experienced forever”, she stated. “They have provided me with an amazing learning experience. More than that, they impacted my life. I will carry with me their life lessons and their wonderful sense of family and community as well as their great sense of humour.”

Now that Michelle is back home she has organized a BBQ fundraiser as a way to further support Muringato Primary school in Nyeri and to connect with everyone and share the experiences of her travels. The BBQ is being held at the Parkland College Yorkton Campus from 11 – 2pm on Tuesday Sept. 23rd.



$29,000 in Entrance Scholarships Awarded to Local Students

On Sept. 15th Parkland College awarded $29,000 in scholarships to 20 students from across the Parkland region at a special awards ceremony held at the Gallagher Centre in Yorkton.

The scholarships awarded were an addition to the $39,100 awarded earlier this year. The students recognized are all recipients of Parkland College entrance scholarships. All of these recipients have chosen to stay in the region and gain either university or technical skills post-secondary training at one of the 5 Parkland College campuses.

  1. Canadian Federation of University Women, Yorkton Chapter Centennial Merit University Entrance Program Award ($1,000) – Lindsay Griffith, Program: Agriculture
  2. CUPE 4980 Centennial Merit University Entrance Scholarship Program Award ($1,000) – Tyler Weber,Program: Pre-Police
  3. GX94 / 94.1 The Fox Centennial Merit University Program Award ($1,000) – Brianna Shymanski, Program: Journalism
  4. Loucks Pharmacy Centennial Merit University Entrance Scholarship Program Award ($1,000) – Stacy Radom, Program: Pre-Pharmacy
  5. CUPE 4980 Centennial Merit Credit-Technical Entrance Scholarship Program Award ($1,000) – Nolan Sies,Program: Power Engineering
  6. eFair Centennial Merit Credit-Technical Computer Networking Technician Entrance Scholarship Program Award ($1,000) – Kurt Zurevinsky, Program: Computer Networking Technician
  7. Leon Ram Companies Centennial Merit Credit Technical Entrance Scholarship Program Award ($1,000) – Matthew Betham, Program: Welding
  8. Mosaic Potash Esterhazy Centennial merit Credit-Technical Entrance Scholarship Program Award ($1,000)– Les Radawetz, Program: Power Engineering
  9. Mosaic Potash Esterhazy Centennial merit Credit-Technical Entrance Scholarship Program Award ($1,000)– Andrew Baranosky, Program: Power Engineering
  10. Saskatchewan Trucking Association Centennial Merit Credit-Technical Entrance Scholarship Program Award ($1,000) – Carter Skene, Program: Welding
  11. Kahkewistahaw Gas & Convenience Store Centennial Merit Entrance Scholarship Program Award ($1,000) – Genevieve Tourangeau, Program: Business Year 1
  12. Dollars for Scholars Centennial Merit Credit-Technical Entrance Scholarship Program Award in Trades ($2,000) – Rayanne Ottenbreit, Program: Hairstylist
  13. Dollars for Scholars Centennial Merit University Entrance Scholarship Program Award in the Field of Education or Arts ($2,000) – Braden Balabuck, Program: Arts & Science
  14. Dollars for Scholars Centennial Merit University Entrance Scholarship Program Award in the Field of Health or Natural Sciences ($2,000) – Kristen Arnold, Program: Arts & Science
  15. Dollars for Scholars Centennial Merit University Entrance Scholarship Program Award in the Field of Health or Natural Sciences ($2,000) – Ashley Grywacheski, Program: Pre-Pharmacy
  16. Dollars for Scholars Centennial Merit University Entrance Scholarship Program Award in the Field of Social Work ($2,000) – Luke McCullough, Program: Social Work
  17. Dollars for Scholars Centennial Merit University Entrance Scholarship Program Award in the Field of Social Work ($2,000) – Victoria Milla, Program: Social Work
  18. Painted Hand Community Development Corporation Centennial Merit Credit-Technical Entrance Scholarship ($2,000) – Jesse Kitchemonia, Program: Social Work
  19. Painted Hand Community Development Corporation Centennial Merit Credit-Technical Entrance Scholarship ($2,000) – Brock Gauthier, Program: Computer Networking Technician
  20. Dollars for Scholars Centennial Merit Credit-Technical Entrance Scholarship Program Award in the Field of Health or Human Services ($2,000) – Kaleigh Baraniuk, Program: Continuing Care Assistant

The scholarships are made possible through the generosity of local businesses and organizations, community members, College staff, Dollars for Scholars Golf Tournament, and Advanced Education, Employment and Labour’s Centennial Merit Scholarship program.

The Centennial Merit Program is a matching program in which funds are provided on a dollar for dollar basis with local non-government donors. For every dollar raised locally, the province will match that dollar to support scholarships for high academic achievers. Scholarship committee chairperson Gwen Machnee commented on the increased opportunity to save money by studying locally. “Working together with our partners we have been able to increase the opportunity for students to save money by staying in the region to study locally at the same time as retaining Saskatchewan’s high academic achievers, which is a goal of the Centennial Merit Program.”

Contributors to the entrance scholarships include Advanced Education, Employment & Labour, Canadian Federation of University Women, Yorkton, CUPE 4980, Dollars for Scholars Golf Tournament Donors, eFair Committee,GX94/ 94.1 The Fox, Leon Ram Companies, Loucks Pharmacy, Mosaic Potash Esterhazy, Painted Hand Community Development Corporation, Parkland College, Parkland College Staff and Saskatchewan Trucking Association.

In addition to awards ceremony, Parkland College was pleased to acknowledge to the generous scholarship donation raised from the Clay Serby Roast & Toast. On April 18, 2008 friends and colleagues of Clay Serby joined together for a “Roast & Toast” to recognize the tremendous amount of work Clay Serby has done for our community and province. Since Clay Serby asked that no gifts be presented to him, it was arranged for all proceeds to go towards a scholarship in his name. The committee presented $7059.43 to Parkland College which will be used towards an annual scholarship that is based upon leadership and involvement in the community.

Students interested in learning more about the scholarship opportunities are encouraged to stop by one of the five campuses in Canora, Esterhazy, Fort Qu’Appelle, Melville or Yorkton or visit the College website at to view the scholarship opportunities as upcoming scholarship opportunities will be released this fall.



International Literacy Day Celebration – September 8th

International Literacy Day was established in 1965 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Nations around the world set aside time on September 8th to recognize the relationship between literacy and quality of life.

Literacy is the basic reading, writing, math, communication and computer skills needed to be successful in the home, at work and in the community.

In 1978, Parkland College began providing a literacy program to meet the needs of literacy learners in our region. This year, on September 8th, the International Literacy Day Event also included recognition of “30 Years in Literacy” by the college.

Approximately 60 people gathered at Parkland College as Vera Tourangeau, from the Peepeekisis First Nation, shared her powerful presentation on “Following Your Dreams and Fulfilling Your Destiny”.

Vera is an educator who has been touched by the pain and hurt that many of her students have shared with her over the years. In response, Vera has written a book titled, Miss, It Hurts, which includes illustrations, words, poems and statements directly from the hearts of the children. Vera’s stories of fear, pain and violence, peppered with humour, captured the attention and touched the emotions of the audience.

There is a strong connection between low literacy levels and poor health, unemployment and low self-esteem. In Canada, approximately one-quarter of all adults have literacy needs. Vera’s presentation connected the statistics with real people in heart-wrenching situations. It is Vera’s desire to use her stories to open the doors of communication so that wounded lives can be healed and dreams and destinies can be fulfilled.


Back to School Welcome BBQ

A welcome Barbecue was held at the Yorkton Campus on Tuesday 9th September.

About 200 students and staff enjoyed hamburgers and pop from 3:30- 5:00 at the West doors of the College. At the grill were organizers Gwen Machnee and Carol Bobowski, President Fay Myers, and Larry Pearen along with assistants Deloris Delorme, Catherine Degryse and many others.

The barbeque was held as a welcome to all students at the Yorkton campus and as a kick off for the Yorkton Campus Students Association.

Thanks go to Queen City Vending for providing the pop and Harvest Meats for giving the College a great deal on the hamburgers.