Parkland College Celebrates Earth Week

Parkland College will be engaging in several activities in acknowledgement of Earth Week this April. The purpose of Earth Week is to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earth’s natural environment. Parkland College will be celebrating Earth Week April 18th to 21st (Earth Day falls on Good Friday this year). Plans include a half hour “lights out” at all campuses on April 21, garbage and litter clean-up crews, presentations of “green” contest winners, and draws for Earth Day t-shirts.

Parkland College is a member of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges. On July 2, 2009, Parkland College signed a formal agreement called the Pan-Canadian Protocol Agreement for Sustainability. Signing this agreement formalizes the College’s commitment to establishing a sustainability policy, integrating sustainability principles in work practices, and to work collaboratively to develop and implement joint strategies to move society toward sustainability.

A staff committee was formed that meets regularly throughout the year. The mission of the committee is to transform Parkland College into a participating member of a sustainable society. Through a partnership among students, staff, and the community, the college will help ensure the health and well-being of present and future generations, both locally and globally.

Some of the initiatives established this year include – reducing printed copies of materials, use of scanning as opposed to faxing or copying, reduced staff travel, reduction in use of disposable cups and cutlery, and refillable water stations. Students who began training programs were given student handbooks saved on flash drives instead of printed booklets. The committee continually encourages suggestions from staff and students for other ways to be environmentally friendly.