Parkland College Celebrates International Education Week

During the week of November 14-18, 2011, Parkland College joins educational institutions from across Canada and over 100 other countries in celebrating the 12th annual International Education Week (IEW).

IEW is an opportunity to raise awareness and understanding of international education and its significant benefits to our social, economic, and cultural well-being. This year’s theme is “Canada Engages with the World: Realizing Our Potential through International Education.” It underscores the value that Canadians place on connecting with the world.

Parkland College is continually working on expanding the scope of its International Students program. The initiative began in the 2009-10 academic year when the College welcomed its first learner from abroad – a student from Chile. In 2010-11, the College hosted three international students from India, Brazil and Ukraine. This year, the College received close to 100 applications from international students and selected 11 students from a variety of countries including India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

“Every one of our students comes to Parkland College to find the best educational experience,” said William Litchfield, Director of Advancement. “But these students who travel from abroad are also learning about our local customs. They want to see how we live and what it means to be Canadian. It’s that interaction with other students, instructors, and the community as a whole which really enriches the international student’s experience.”

The current students are enrolled in the Continuing Care Assistant, Business, and Office Education programs. A few more students are planning to join Parkland College in January. International students must meet the same program standards as any other student, along with an English requirement.

International students generate an additional $6.5 billion for the Canadian economy per year. Locally, Parkland College is the only Saskatchewan Regional College authorized to offer the Off-Campus Work Permit Program. The program allows international students to take on part-time jobs during the week (to a maximum of 20 hours per week) and full-time employment during holidays and breaks.

While studying at Parkland College, many international students choose to live with a local family through the College’s homestay program.

“Students are placed with a suitable family in order to make the most of their experience” Litchfield added. “It’s an effective way of understanding Canadian culture, making new friends, and having fun.”

The College is always looking for families to host international students. Families interested in learning more are asked to contact William Litchfield at 306.786.7331.

About Us: Parkland College offers the largest off-campus university program in Saskatchewan, as well as an array of educational programs and services to adult learners including SIAST and Institute programs, Industry programs, Adult Basic Education, Literacy, English as an Additional Language and Career and Student Services.

For more information contact:
William Litchfield
Director of Advancement
Parkland College
Phone: 306.786.7331
Email: [email protected]

Parkland College Students Promote Saskatchewan Addictions Awareness Week

Students at Parkland College are working to raise awareness of alcohol and drug issues during Saskatchewan Addiction Awareness Week (SAAW).

On Wednesday, November 16, seven students enrolled in the Addictions Counselling program at Parkland College handed out water bottles labelled with addiction facts at the Yorkton campus and Yorkton Regional High School. Most of the 800-plus bottles were donated by the Yorkton Exhibition Board and Real Canadian Superstore.

“We only started classes two days ago, but in that short time we got some donors, got an event lined up to do some giveaways, and are hoping that our little effort might make a big impact,” said Addictions Counselling instructor Tony Hallett. “It might not impact everybody, but hopefully it will impact some.”

Alcohol is the most frequently used drug in Saskatchewan, followed by tobacco and other drugs. SAAW is an opportunity to increase awareness and knowledge about alcohol and drug misuse, to promote resources that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, and to learn about services available to help individuals in their communities.

“The easiest time to deal with addiction and substance abuse problems is before they ever start,” Hallett explained. “We know that by raising awareness of the reality of some of those problems, with these little water-bottle drug facts, we can do our small part to open some peoples’ eyes and hopefully encourage some to access local help if needed.”

Addictions counselling is a very specialized field requiring unique skills. The program at Parkland College was developed based on industry input and is reviewed regularly by an advisory board of addictions counselling practitioners.

Parkland College started offering the Addictions Counselling program last fall. Year 2 of the program, which involves 540 hours of classroom instruction and a three-month practicum placement, started this week. Successful students will graduate with a SIAST Addictions Counselling diploma.

About Us: Parkland College offers the largest off-campus university program in Saskatchewan, as well as an array of educational programs and services to adult learners including SIAST and Institute programs, Industry programs, Adult Basic Education, Literacy, English as an Additional Language and Career and Student Services.

For more information contact:
Connie Brown
Business, Health & Human Services Coordinator
Parkland College
Phone: 306.786.2580
Email: [email protected]

Career Explorations 2011: Your Answer 2 Bright Futures

Good Spirit School Division and Parkland College are proud to co-host Career Explorations 2011. The second annual education and career fair encompassing East Central Saskatchewan is being held at the Gallagher Centre Flexihall in Yorkton on November 8.

Career Explorations 2011 is one of the most vibrant career exploration opportunities in the province. More than 60 exhibitors from across Saskatchewan and Western Canada are scheduled to attend this event. Well over 500 high school students from Yorkton and area will visit their booths throughout the day.

“Last year’s event was such a success that we didn’t have to think twice about putting it on again,” said Withman Jaigobin, Superintendent of Schools with the Good Spirit School Division. “We’ve attracted more exhibitors this year to provide students with even more options right at their fingertips.”

Career Explorations is an extension of the Learning Alliance signed between Good Spirit School Division and Parkland College in October 2008. By working together, both the Division and the College are able to complement and enhance the services they provide.

“The young people in the Parkland Region deserve opportunities just like this,” explained William Litchfield, Director of Advancement with Parkland College. “Deciding on a career path can be difficult, and we know a lot of students need some guidance. Judging by the feedback they gave us last year, it’s clear that Career Explorations is succeeding at bringing the information they want in a new and innovative way.”

Career Explorations offers immediate access to dozens of educational institutions. But numerous area businesses are involved, as well.

“Not everybody goes to college or university right after graduating from high school,” Litchfield noted. “We want every student to make an informed decision on his or her future. That’s why we also place an emphasis on current employment opportunities.”

Several potential employers will have booths set up, including companies from the mining, agriculture, construction, and service industries, among others.

Some exhibitors will also make presentations to visitors over the course of the day. Twenty-four post-secondary institutions and businesses have booked a total of 46 information sessions, each lasting 35 minutes. The presentations will take place in the Flexihall and convention rooms throughout the Gallagher Centre.

“We’re excited to watch this event grow and thrive,” Jaigobin added. “But above all, we’re proud to bring these options right to the students as they build their futures.”

Career Explorations 2011 is open to not only students but also community members throughout Yorkton and area. Everyone is welcome to attend free of charge.

Contact information:
Lynel Martinuk, Communications Coordinator
Good Spirit School Division
Phone: 306.786.5501
Email: [email protected]

Brendan Wagner, Communications Officer
Parkland College
Phone: 306.728.6595
Email: [email protected]