Kamsack Students Undertake Essential Skills Project

The Parkland College campus in Kamsack is getting a fresh look thanks to a handful of students enrolled in the Essential Skills program.

Those registered in the Grade 10/GED programs have been hard at work since Dec. 5 improving the appearance of the entrance and interior of the college. Hallways, doors, and baseboards have been painted and installed, moldings are up, and a mural by Dustin Wilson is underway. New signs for the Kamsack campus have also been ordered.

Parkland College’s Essential Skills curriculum teaches numeracy, oral communication, reading, writing, computer use, document use, thinking skills, teamwork, and continuous learning. The program focuses on hands-on work experience. All nine skills are used in each project. The goal is to enhance students’ abilities and better prepare them for the work force.

The Kamsack campus renewal project was selected by the students. To mirror employment in the real world, job openings were posted for the positions of project manager, foreman, public relations specialist, accountant, and painters/labourers. Students prepared resumes, wrote cover letters, went through interviews, and were awarded positions based on their skill levels, experience, initiative, and potential exhibited. Instructor Brad Rose, tutor Phyllis Strelioff, and Essential Skills Facilitator Pat Prokop conducted the interviews.

In order to practise numeracy, students estimated measurements to identify the amount of paint and moldings required. They then took precise measurements and purchased materials. Everything was bought in Kamsack to support local businesses and make the community more aware of things happening within the college.

Students enrolled in the Essential Skills program are: Joe Dustyhorn (Project Manager), Bonnie Lynx (Foreman), Tim Lynx (Public Relations & Assistant Foreman), Georgina Cote (accountant), Curtis Cote, Cynthia Cote, Kirk Cote, Lindsay Hadwen, Kristin Johnson, Randy Peters, Linda Quewezance, Dustin Shingoose, Karson Shingoose, and Tex Shingoose.

An open house will be held at a later date to which the public will be invited in order to view the completed project.

File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council, Child Daycare Program (Fort Qu’Appelle)

File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council, Child Daycare Program has had a long standing relationship with Parkland College. For over 10 years, File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council staff have obtained Early Childhood Education training which they have used directly in their daycares.

Through the partnership with Parkland College, staff at File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council are working towards acquiring certificates and diplomas in SIAST Early Childhood Education courses, SIAST Orientation to Child Daycare courses and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome courses. Over 80 employees have gained training in the last 10 years. This strong partnership with Parkland College led to Corinna Wajuntah, Social Development, Child Care Coordinator, being invited to sit on the SIAST advisory board for the Early Childhood Education program.

Parkland College congratulates File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council, Child Daycare Program for their commitment to training that has enhanced individual, employer, and organizational needs while building a stronger community.

Photo L to R: Ed Hourd, Training Consultant, Corinna Wajuntah, Social Development, Child Care Coordinator FHQTC, and Connie Brown, Business, Health, & Human Services Coordinator.

Paulette Koochicum

Attending Parkland has definitely boosted my self confidence. Before I came to Parkland I felt I had something missing; and it was my education. I knew it is very important to have. I’ve had so many problems not being able to do what I wanted to do. I made that decision to get my education and that?s all I?ve been focusing on. Parkland took me in right away, and within a few months I passed my GED. I didn?t stop there. I wanted to do ABE 12, I wanted to learn! I am now almost complete ABE 12. My goal to become a nurse is now right there in front of me, I can grab it! This is so far the best decision I made in my life! From where I was two years ago to now, my confidence is way up there and I am very proud of myself. The door is now open for me to a whole different world and endless opportunities.

Terra Hughes

I have benefited in many ways since coming to Parkland College.

I was new to Saskatchewan wanting a change in my life, a fresh start and a small safe place to raise my kids. I enrolled at Parkland to get my grade 12, to open doors for myself and to show my kids how important education is. I have been at the College for 12 months. In that time I have graduated from grade 10 demonstrating excellent academic performance. I have completed my G.E.D. and began my Adult 12.

Being at school has helped me maintain my sobriety and boost my self-esteem. I have become more self-assured. I?ve made friends not only with students, but with the teachers as well. I look forward to coming to school everyday. It?s like a family; I feel like I belong.

I am proud that I am a role model. My kids look at me with respect and my relationships with them and my family have improved. It just keeps getting better and better.

Don Weselak

After many years at a job I did not like, the College helped me with a new path. The counsellors helped me acquire a plan to reach the goals of a new career I would enjoy and grow with. They evaluated my skills and helped me gain the math and science skills to enter the power engineering program. They helped with program financing and acceptance into the program. The support was also ongoing throughout the program as problems and concerns would arise. It was all a long road, but a very positive experience and I am now on my way to a new job and career. I have taken a job at an ethanol plant as a process operator and will be on my way to forwarding my career as a steam engineer.

Terry M.V. Flamont

One of the most notable challenges I must face on a regular basis is starting my day at 6:00 am and driving for an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the College. Other challenges are the road conditions such as wildlife or weather. These can have a significant impact on reaching my goals as this takes a toll on mental preparation for assignments and exams. This is at times exhausting but I realize each morning as I look around in my home and see my wife and children that this ordeal is all worth the effort.

I have to say that the structure at Parkland College has given me the upmost opportunity to grow academically as opposed to the environment of an institute or university. I prefer the smaller classroom which allows a more suitable learning approach, of which I wouldn?t receive otherwise. The College has given me the opportunity to achieve substantially higher marks with the learning methods I have not received previously in other institutions. I thank the instructors and staff in Fort Qu’Appelle for their efforts and programs that have got me where I am today.

Carrie Silver

When I first came to Parkland College I was very shy and timid. My greatest fear was that I would not succeed. The staff at Parkland helped me to overcome my fears and have shown me that anything can be done if you set your mind to it.

Throughout the year I have successfully completed 7 courses as well as wrote my GED. I have also maintained an attendance of 100%.

It has been a struggle being a full-time student as well as a mother of two young children. I could not have progressed as I did without the staff at Parkland College Melville Campus.

Viola Strongeagle

I am the proud mother of five children and thirteen grand children. I decided to come back to school to complete my grade ten and twelve GED. As my children are all grown with children of their own I think it’s important not only to tell them how important education is but to show by example. For the past seven years I have worked at my reserve’s daycare centre and feel that my education could only be a benefit for any future job opportunities. Attending Parkland College has made my transition very easy as the staff and students are helpful, respectful and make a person feel welcome.

Rick Parsons

Rick Parsons, an Addictions Counseling student, was recently selected as the recipient of the APASK (Addictions Professionals Association of SK) Mary Muir Bursary Award for 2011. This $500 award is to be used for attending the provincial conference in May. Congratulations Rick!