International Education Week marked at Parkland College

During the week of November 17-21, 2014, Parkland College joins educational institutions from across Canada and over 100 other countries in celebrating the 11th annual International Education Week (IEW).

This year’s theme is “Celebrating Canada’s Engagement with the World.” IEW honours the many people who participate in international education – supporting foreign students, collaborating with international partners, and building capacity in emerging countries.

Parkland College began welcoming international students to its campuses in East Central Saskatchewan in 2009. In the years since, well over 100 students from India, Jamaica, and numerous other countries have studied at Parkland College. Many of those students have gone on to begin careers locally.

“We are proud to provide the best educational experience to the people who come to learn here,” said Parkland College President Dr. Fay Myers. “But we are also responsible for teaching so much more – things like our local customs and what it means to be Canadian. These students get a well-rounded experience through their interaction with fellow learners, our instructors, and the whole community.”

Parkland College has recently become more involved internationally. The College is in the midst of a three-year educational partnership at the University of Belize Central Farm Campus to develop a degree program aimed at getting more women working in agriculture. And just last month, Parkland College was selected for a two-year partnership with HEART Trust in Jamaica to develop essential skills and pre-technology training in key sectors of the Jamaican economy and to prepare students for employment.

IEW is an opportunity to raise awareness and understanding of international education and its significant benefits to our social, economic, and cultural well-being. It underscores the value that Canadians place on connecting with the world through studying abroad, internationalized curricula, international service, and on opening the world to Canada by welcoming international learners, promoting student exchanges, and encouraging qualified foreign students to make Canada their new home.

About Us:

Since its inception in 1973, Parkland College has worked to expand the philosophy of life-long learning in East Central Saskatchewan. Among the seven basic principles upon which the community college system was founded is the idea that programs are to be developed in response to the needs of the community. Today, Parkland College offers a broad spectrum of educational services from trades training and high school upgrading to the province’s most diverse off-campus university offerings.


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