Parkland College Looking for Families to Host International Students

Parkland College is looking for families that would enjoy hosting and welcoming international students in their homes. Hosting a homestay is a great learning experience for both the international student and family. Currently we are looking for a family that will host one male student from India starting January 2011.
According to William Litchfield, Director of Advancement, “some international students choose a homestay and our College for many reasons.” Litchfield adds, “`For starters, some students may want to learn more about our Canadian life and culture and/or some may want to improve their English.” Other reasons may include:

  1. receive a supportive transition to a new community,
  2. develop lifelong friendships,
  3. smaller class sizes which allows for more student and instructor interaction,
  4. receive a supportive learning structure,
  5. obtain a better understanding of what it is like to live in rural Canada, and
  6. lower cost of living.

Families that are interested in learning more about the opportunity and/or hosting an international student are to contact William Litchfield at 306.786.7331.


For more information or to complete an application form, contact:
William Litchfield
Director of Advancement
Parkland College
Phone: 306.786.7331
Email: [email protected]

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