Parkland College Working to Fix “Jobless Boom”

Despite numerous positive economic indicators, Saskatchewan appears to be in the midst of a “jobless boom,” according to Sask Trends Monitor. The latest edition of the monthly statistical report shows employment in the province grew by only 0.3 per cent in 2011.

Some analysts, including the report’s publisher Doug Elliott, believe the lack of job growth comes because the skilled workers being attracted here aren’t the type the province needs. That means that job postings continue to abound because there’s a shortage of qualified applicants. Elliott is particularly surprised to see sizable drops in employment in the manufacturing, natural resources, and construction sectors.

However, in Yorkton, Parkland College is working to meet that need. The College provides a wide array of specialized training options, including offerings in the power engineering, industrial, construction, and mechanical trade clusters. Program delivery is based on industry demand and timed to match labour market cycles. Courses typically include SIAST Applied Certificates, Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC) approved upgrading programs, and customized up-skilling for business courses.

While much of Saskatchewan’s growth involves attracting newcomers and former residents from abroad, Parkland College believes the key to sustainable growth is retaining the potential that exists here. By training the youth of the region and improving the skills of those already in the workforce, the College feels it can help address the province’s “jobless boom” and extend Saskatchewan’s growth spurt.

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