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November 18th, 2021

Parkland College Announces Vaccination and Testing Requirements

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Parkland College has committed to providing a safe environment for students, staff, and visitors.

To reduce transmission of COVID-19, Parkland College will require all employees and learners to be fully vaccinated or provide proof of negative test results.

Effective December 10, 2021, all employees, students, board members, and visitors, including consultants, contractors, and agents must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination. For individuals who are not vaccinated or choose not to disclose their vaccination status, proof of a valid negative COVID-19 test result must be provided every seven (7) days.

Employees and students will be required to complete a COVID-19 Vaccination Self-Declaration form by November 3, 2021. “Federal and Provincial health authorities have indicated that the COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in Canada are a safe and effective way to reduce the chances of acquiring and transmitting COVID-19 in the workplace and our communities”, said Alison Dubreuil, Vice President, Administration at Parkland College.

“Vaccine requirements are an additional way to ensure Parkland College continues to be safe so we can deliver our programs and services”, said Dubreuil.

“Our college will continue to follow public health orders and implement additional safety protocols in an effort to make our campuses and communities as safe as possible”, said Malena Vroom, Director of Safety and Facilities Management. Further details about the COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination or Negative Testing policy will be communicated with students and staff.

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