Conflict Resolution Skills


Manage conflict with confidence

In today’s diverse work force, the ability to resolve conflict in a timely and effective manner can prevent escalation, increase productivity, and continue to foster engagement in our employees.

This training will help employees to identify the most common causes of conflict, provide techniques for managing workplace conflict, and identify negative effects of unresolved conflict so employees understand the importance of immediately resolving their problems with their co-workers and management.

During this training, we will work through the following modules to equip you with tools in your toolbox that you can take back to your workplace:

  • Understanding and identifying the causes of conflict in your workplace
  • Identifying the common responses to conflict
  • Discuss different styles and approaches to conflict resolution
  • Discuss how to create an environment for open, honest dialogue during conflict resolution
  • Discuss how to respond to anger in the workplace and how to manage your own anger
  • Identify the best practices for effective communication and active listening during conflict resolution

This workshop may qualify for the Re-Open Saskatchewan Training Subsidy.

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March 15, 2023

Tuition: $245

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