Agribusiness Diploma


Agribusiness Diploma

Agribusiness is of local and global importance, encompassing a wide range of activities that contribute to our supply of food and natural fibres. Agribusiness comes into play at every stage in the food chain, from primary production to the packaging of your favorite snack food. It is also a dynamic business that must respond to sweeping advances in technology, to major changes in trade and policy, and to an ever-changing, consumer-driven marketplace. One of every eight jobs in Canada is related to agriculture – and the proportion in Saskatchewan is even higher because the agriculture sector is one of the major contributors to the provincial economy. This diploma program is two years in length. In the first year you will take some general classes and some agriculture classes. In the second year the majority of classes are related to agriculture. Graduates of the diploma program may be eligible to receive up to two years block transfer credit into the Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness.

Why Parkland College?

Many students are drawn to our unique learning environment where class sizes are typically smaller. On average university students at Parkland College score 10% higher than those in a larger on-campus program.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the College of Agriculture & Bioresources are typically employed as animal nutrition specialists, plant breeders, food inspectors, ecologists, marketing and sales representatives, financial managers, policy advisors, range managers, agricultural producers and entrepreneurs, and resource sector specialists.

Sample Schedule

Year 1 Term 1 Year 1 Term 2
  • AGRC 112
  • ECON 111
  • MATH 103
  • MKTG 120
  • INTS 100
  • AGRC 111
  • AGRC 113
  • ECON 114
  • AREC 230
  • COMM 101 or SOC 112 (or other elective)
Year 2 Term 1 Year 2 Term 2
  • AREC 320
  • COMM 201
  • RCM 300
  • AREC 272
  • Open elective
  • AREC 495
  • 3 senior AREC classes from AREC 251, 254, 343, 344, 346, 347, 354, 395, 400 TBD


It is essential that all students consult a counsellor once you have your acceptance letter from the U of R or U of S to develop a schedule of classes.

Program Information

Last Updated: February 27, 2020