NFPA 1041 – Fire Service Instructor


Enhance your skills as a Fire Service Instructor

This training is designed for firefighters interested in the challenge of professional instruction. The theory and techniques will also be useful to anyone who has a safety training role in other organizational settings, or who are involved in developing fire safety educational materials.

Fire Instructor Level I is a one-week course consisting of theory and practical instruction. Upon successful completion, students are eligible for both IFSAC and ProBoard seals.

Date & Course Info

Location: Melville, SK
Dates: TBD
Tuition: TBD

*Important Notes:

  • Space is limited – there is a maximum of 10 spots.
  • Registration deadline is TBD.


Successful students are eligible to apply for IFSAC and ProBoard certification.


NFPA 1041, Level I, is designed for firefighters interested in the challenges of being a professional instructor. The one-week course contains theory and practical components. Level I training builds your knowledge about learning environment, student behaviours, testing and assessment, lesson planning, and lesson delivery.

*Tuition costs and dates are subject to change up to 3 months prior to delivery.*


Program Information

Donna Vranai

Coordinator, Post-Secondary

Toll Free

Last Updated: May 12, 2020