NFPA 1041 – Fire Service Instructor


Enhance your skills as a Fire Service Instructor

This training is designed for firefighters interested in the challenges of professional instruction. The theory and techniques will also be useful if you have a safety training role in other organizational settings, or if you’re involved in developing fire safety educational materials.

Studies emphasize the development of skills in curriculum design, classroom presentation and management, program assessment and evaluation tools.

Fire Instructor Level I is a one-week course consisting of theory and practical instruction. Certifications are awarded under the authority of the Province of Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency. Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded IFSAC certifications.

Tuition & Course Information

Location: TBA

Dates: TBA

Tuition: $1,665

Books & Materials: $110

*Important Notes:

  • Space is limited – there is a maximum of 10 spots.
  • Registration deadline is May 10, 2021.



Successful students are eligible to apply for IFSAC and ProBoard certification.


NFPA 1041, Level I, is designed for firefighters interested in the challenges of being a professional instructor. The one-week course contains theory and practical components. Level I training builds your knowledge about learning environment, student behaviours, testing and assessment, lesson planning, and lesson delivery.

*Tuition costs and dates are subject to change up to 3 months prior to delivery.*



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Last Updated: May 18, 2022