Indigenous Education – Bachelor Degree


Indigenous Education

In Saskatchewan, the minimum requirement for new teachers is a Bachelor of Education degree. Applicants wishing to complete a Bachelor of Indigenous Education can work towards the four-year degree at Parkland College in partnership with First Nations University of Canada.

Applications to the Indigenous Education program will be made by June 2020, and the Education portion of the degree program will start in September 2020.

If you already have a Bachelor degree, you can apply for BEAD entry (Bachelor of Education after degree). You will start the program in January 2021 (you must have MATH 101, INDG 100, and an Indigenous language as prerequisites).

New Applications Accepted!

BIEd entry points:
September 2020
January 2021 (Bachelor of Education after degree only)

Virtual information session:
Watch to learn more about taking the BIEd degree at Parkland College (recorded April 22, 2020)

Due to COVID-19, we can’t host in-person events. But this video will help you learn more about the Bachelor of Indigenous Education Program starting at Parkland College in September 2020.

For more information call 306.786.2593.

Application Information

Application for Bachelor of Indigenous Education

Applications for the Bachelor of Indigenous Education in Yorkton, SK are accepted through the University of Regina Online Application.

Admission Requirements

  • You must possess a Grade 12 with English A30 & B30; one approved 30 level math or science; one approved 30 level language, social science or fine arts class; one additional 30 level approved course.
  • Opportunities for mature students without grade 12 are also available.

Application Information

  • When do you want to start: Fall 2020
  • Where do you want to study? Check OTHER and write or type in Parkland College, Yorkton
  • First Choice Faculty: Indigenous Education
  • Registration Choice: FN Univ
  • Program of Study: Indigenous Education

Paper applications can be mailed to:
University of Regina
3737 Wascana Parkway
Regina, SK S4S 0A2


  • University of Regina Application fee of $100 if you have never been a University of Regina student, if you have been a U of R student in the past there is no charge.
  • High School Transcript request of $20 from the Ministry of Education at: (if you graduated from a Saskatchewan High School).
Applications will be accepted until August 2020. Students receiving band funding should apply by mid-May.

Sample Schedule

Sample Schedule

First Year – Term 1 First Year – Term 2
  • ENGL 100
  • EPS 116
  • BIOL 140
  • INAH 100
  • IHS 100
  • EPS 100
  • ELNG 205
  • EAES 205
  • EPSY 205
  • EIND 205
Second Year – Term 1 Second Year – Term 2
  • EPS 116
  • BIOL 140
  • INHS 100
  • *Elective
  • *Elective
  • EPS 100
  • ENGL 205
  • EAES 215
  • EPSY 205
  • EIND 205
Third Year – Term 1 Third Year – Term 2
  • EPS 215
  • EMTH 215
  • EPE 215
  • EPSY 225
  • EIOE 215
  • ESST 215
  • EPS 225
  • ERDG 215
  • EIOE 225
  • ESCI 215
  • EINH 215
Fourth Year – Term 1 Fourth Year – Term 2
  • EIND 305
  • ELNG 325
  • EPSY 322
  • Approved JS__ elective
  • EIEA 35
  • EFLD 405

Important Notes:

  • *6 Academic Electives.
  • Required 120 credits, Minimum of 39 hours outside of Education, 12 hours outside of Education above the 100-level, G.P.A. of 65% graduate

Course Calendar

Please note: Classes are subject to change.

Winter Class Delivery:
As of October 2020, both universities have announced that all classes will continue with remote delivery for the winter term. However, both universities have agreed in principle that the off-campus sites can hold more in-person meetings than classes at the main campuses in Saskatoon and Regina. We do not have confirmation about what this will look like at this time.

We hope to have more frequent face-to-face seminars and tutorials at our Yorkton location. We will continue to offer video conference of these events for all students who are unable to attend or are uncomfortable with being in the classroom with other students. The course syllabus, given to you by the instructor, will detail exactly how the class will be delivered. All face-to-face meetings will be subject to local conditions and the advice of the Public Health Office. When planning your course schedule, bear in mind that there could be face-to-face or video conference meetings at the scheduled times.

Please note: You are able to register in any classes for which you have the prerequisites at either university, but please consider registering in Parkland College designated classes. These classes tend to be much smaller in size and may have additional tutorials or seminars. The designated Parkland College classes are the only classes for which Parkland College receives revenue to maintain the classes here and provide additional supports such as advisors and tutorials.

If you need a common visiting student form, please visit the University at Parkland College page on the Current Students section of our website.



How do I take classes from the University of Saskatchewan or University of Regina at Parkland College?

You can take university classes at Parkland College if you have been accepted for admission to either the University of Regina or the University of Saskatchewan. Go to the Admissions Page more for detailed information on how to apply.

Is there an application to take classes at Parkland College?

You don’t have to fill in a separate application to take classes at Parkland College, you just have to be accepted to either University of Saskatchewan or University of Regina. When you register for classes you register in the sections of the class being held in Yorkton (or your community of choice for televised classes).

I am a University of Regina student but I want to take Psychology which is a University of Saskatchewan class?

It is easy to take a class from the “other university” talk to our academic advisor and she will help you fill in a Common Visiting Student Form. This form lets you take classes from the “other university” without having to apply for admission; the form is also a way to have the transfer credit approved at you home university before you take the class.  If you are a University of Saskatchewan student you just have to fill in the form, after we send it away you don’t have to do anything else. If you are a University of Regina student you have to wait until you get a letter from the University of Saskatchewan giving you permission to go online to the University of Saskatchewan website PAWS to register in the class yourself. It is an easy process, almost every student at Parkland College takes a class from the other university.

How do I pay my fees?

You can pay your fees in many different ways; the important thing to note is that you have to pay your fees to the University that offers the class, so you pay the University of Saskatchewan for their classes and the University of Regina for their classes. To find out how much you owe go to either PAWS for University of Saskatchewan or URSelfService for University of Regina and look for the Account Summary by term. On these sites there is also information about how you can pay. You can pay in a number of different ways, online, at an ABM, at certain bank branches, by cheque or even in cash. Failure to pay in a timely manner may incur late fees and will prevent you from registering in next terms classes and stop you from seeing you final mark for your classes.

Where do I get my textbooks?

You can buy textbooks from the bookstore of the university from which the class originates. Both have online shopping for textbooks. The University of Regina bookstore is here and the University of Saskatchewan bookstore is here. Both university bookstores charge for shipping. You do not have to buy new textbooks, the university bookstores also sell used textbooks. You can also buy textbooks from Amazon and Chapters online or Coles in Parkland Mall, both of the online booksellers sell used textbooks too. In some cases shipping may be free.

Sometimes students will post notices in the student coffee room with textbooks for sale, these can be the best deal but check with the official list at the university bookstore to make sure that the prof hasn’t chosen a newer edition or changed the required texts for the course.

How do I know that I am registered in the right class?

You can check online at URSelfService or PAWS to see which classes you are registered in, then check the Course Registration Numbers (CRNs) in the University bulletin, these are the sections being offered at Parkland College.

I want to change my major, what do I do now?

Lots of people change their mind about what they want to major in at university, just make an appointment to see the academic advisor and she will help you find the right direction to match your career goals.

How do I transfer to Saskatoon or Regina?

You don’t have to do anything when you decide to go to the main campus to take classes. When you register for classes for the next term you just register for the classes located in Saskatoon or Regina. When you take classes at Parkland College you are a University of Regina or University of Saskatchewan student, there is no transfer process between here and the main campus.

Are there real instructors at Parkland College?

Parkland College has four types of classes, face to face, multi-mode, televised and online.

Most of the first year classes and social work classes are face to face with a live instructor in the room teaching you. The instructor is selected and hired by the university and is paid by the university. They have to meet the same standard the instructors on campus would have to meet. In almost every case the instructor has a minimum of a master’s degree in the subject that they are teaching, many have doctoral degrees. Some of our instructors live locally, others drive from considerable distances to teach at Parkland College. Face to face classes are currently only available in Yorkton.

Multi-mode classes are increasing in number, here the instructor is live in Saskatoon or Regina and video conferencing equipment enables you to see the instructor and the other students taking the class in up to four other locations in the province projected onto a big screen. The instructor can see you too, and all of the other students around the province. Multi-mode classes are only available in Yorkton right now.

Televised classes are taught by instructors located in Regina or Saskatoon, they usually have a class in the room with them, the class is broadcast via the cast.scn  satellite network to many locations in Saskatchewan. You watch the class on either projected onto a big screen or on a television screen, you can call into the studio with questions and to participate in class discussions. Televised classes are available at all Parkland College locations you must be at a college location to view these classes.

Online classes are classes that are available on any computer with an internet connection. Most online classes have a start and end date that is the same as the other classes but do not have regular meeting times. The classes are usually set up as a series of modules with a different module to be completed each week. You can complete the work for each class at any time during the week. Final exams may be online or you may have to come to a college location to write the exam.

Are the classes easier at Parkland College?

Classes at Parkland College are no easier or harder than they are on the main campus. Instructors are approved by the department and they must meet the same requirements as on campus instructors. In some cases students write the same exams as on campus students. However, because of the smaller class sizes and more personalized service at Parkland we have found that students tend to get better marks than their peers who went straight to the main campus.

Can I still apply to Nursing/Pharmacy/Nutrition/Social Work if I do my first year at Parkland College?

Yes, you can apply for professional programs while you are taking classes at Parkland College. If you need help contact our academic advisor, she will be able to help you with your application by making sure you have all of the prerequisites and that you meet the deadlines.

Are the fees lower at Parkland College?

Tuition fees for university classes at Parkland College are the same as the fees on campus. You will pay a lower rate for student fees and you won’t have to pay the athletic fee or the bus pass (U of S).  You will not be charged the medical and dental insurance fee either, however, if you would like, you can opt in to the medical and dental plan for students, this is a great deal if you don’t have coverage elsewhere. Check with the academic advisor for more information.

Can I apply for Parkland College scholarships and my university scholarships?

Yes you can apply for entrance scholarships from Parkland College and add them to any other scholarships you may receive from any source. The deadline for entrance scholarships is usually in May before the new academic year, awards are made at the end of September. In addition, students who are taking classes from Parkland College can also apply for the internal scholarships that are awarded in February/March. Some students receive up to $3000 from Parkland College in scholarships alone.

Can I start at Parkland College and move to university in another province?

If you are planning to take your first year at Parkland College and then move out of province you still need to be accepted by either the university of Saskatchewan or University of Regina. You will need to work closely with our academic advisor to make sure that all of your classes from your time at Parkland will transfer to your new university and that you take the classes that the out of province university requires so that you are not delayed by missed classes. We have had many students transfer to U of A, U of C, UBC and Brandon University. Our advisor will work with you and the university you would like to go to so that you only take what you need and what will transfer.

Can I start classes at Parkland College in January?

Yes, you can start classes at several different times each year, in September, January, May and sometimes June, July and August. You will need to make sure that you apply in plenty of time and that you select your classes with our academic advisor at least a few weeks before classes start. Please don’t leave it to the last minute.

Career Opportunities

Most graduates with an Education degree become teachers, principals or superintendents of public and private schools at the kindergarten, elementary and high school level.

Sample First Year Schedule

During your first year of Indigenous studies at Parkland College you will take a wide range of classes in a number of different subject areas called the core requirements or distribution requirements. They allow you to try out different types of classes and help you to get a broader understanding of learning at the university level.

Here is what a typical first-year schedule in the Yorkton, SK location might look like based on 24 credit units:

Term 1 Term 2
  • ENGL 100
  • EPS 116
  • BIOL 140
  • INAH 100
  • IHS 100
  • EPS 100
  • ELNG 205
  • EAES 205
  • EPSY 205
  • EIND 205

Important Notes:

    • Practicum placements will be in the region as much as possible with at least one placement at a school on a First Nation.


Program Information

Gwen Machnee

Coordinator, University

Toll Free

Last Updated: April 23, 2020